How to create an effective flyer?

It tells you about flyer, street marketing, in fact the technique is not new, trade unionists and political use it for a long time: it is to be on the way to your prospects and give them the document appropriate.

The street marketing is to touch people in their daily life: on the street, their school, the subway? This is a hyper-focused and close communication, it may be particularly effective. Yet creating the handout from hand to hand is not as simple as it seems. Today we give the name flyer advertising this document.

What is the goal sought by your leaflet?

This is an advertising leaflet, except perhaps that special attention has been paid to its appearance. It should define the marketing problem to which the flyer must respond. First, what is your goal: do you create flow for your new store or invite to a party? By refining the goal at the end you will measure the success of the operation.
You will have to determine your target, if the flyer is designed for managers, employees or students, it will not be designed in the same way, your message will have to adapt but your offer will be different.

You will think the context, location or time of distribution. For example, if the distribution is made to executives in the district of La Défense, a reference can be thought of in terms of the message or graphics with the pattern of La Grande Arche.

Finally your criteria for success. You are investing in the operation: graphic design, writing, printing and distribution represents a cost to each step. It is therefore necessary to relate these costs with a goal. For example, if you want to attract passersby to a new store, the criterion will be the number of visits prompted by the operation.

Calculate the budget report and given image

Determine the budget you want to spend on the production of this brochure, as well as its distribution. Then consider the message to communicate, people who receive your document does give him a few moments, the key must be obvious. This moment is decisive: either they throw the flyer came in the first bin, or they put it in a pocket or bag?

Remember to insert the practical information that will help them find you. It is good practice to play on the vices, humans: lust, avarice (promotion), pride, Graphic design draws and it reinforces the message. Depending on the typographic choice, you will evoke very different worlds. Printing will complement these choices: and white or color, matt or glossy paper? This is decided according to marketing problems, target and your budget.