Leaflets against helicopters landing pad

A planned parking area for helicopters at Rettelloh dissolves in advance of excitement. Mayor Dorr remains calm.

Many Freystädter community citizens had it in the past few days in the mailbox: a leaflet signed by Dr. Rudolf Kleinöder the planned heliport in Rettelloh. Because on Thursday by 15 clock-site visit to the city councils in the local industrial estate – and he wants not only this, but also many people come.

The reason: He fears that the noise pollution ‘leading to frequent complaints and grievances “will – especially in Thun village and settlement in Frey city. The writes Kleinöder in a press release. He also suspect that not only a helicopter could be accommodated on the landing pad – but possibly even a flying school. And he feared for the safety of the ultralight aviators in special field as well as effects on animals and nature.

About 500 leaflets were he and many helpers distributed, he explains in an interview with the daily paper: “And I have helped many people.” He had also spoken to many citizens here and which confirmed him in his opinion: “The terrain is oversized for only a helicopter. It is much too large. “And that is also the reason why he presumed that a flight school was planned there actually.

Frey’s mayor Alexander Dorr remains optimistic, however. “I’m assuming that Mr. Iberler did not lie to the City Council and abides by what he has presented there,” Werner Iberler, who had made the request, be at liberty city no stranger , myself live there and have pretty much gone from his statements. That there is a “broad protest movement” as written by Kleinöder, Dorr could not say, “I have been approached by individuals would be.” Every city council should make themselves objectively an image at the on-site visit. Finally, the project was only a “relocation” – from Dippenricht by Frey city.

Werner also Iberler even defends himself against the allegations small Öders: “This is not right. There only a start and landing per day are planned – but certainly no training flights”.