Successful distribution of flyers: places and intended target

When advertising flyers distribution operation is launched, we often think of their content and presentation, where they will be distributed. But a detail often tends to be overlooked (yet it is important!): respect for the rules, such as the mandatory information. Indeed, they are essential when the flyer concerns a trade promotion (as it relates to a product or activity).

The first obligations relate to the printer: advertising flyers absolutely must specify the name and address. If the recipient of advertising prints his own flyers, marked “Printed by us” should appear. Concerning natural and legal persons registered, some personal imprint must be indicated as the registration number in the trade register (RCS), and the name of the locality where remains the graft (or where was awarded SIREN). Latest entries that apply to the printer: its name, its head office, and for a corporation, its corporate form and the amount of its share capital.

Other mandatory information shall also be displayed, but only in some cases, especially when advertising flyers promoting specific products, such as processed foods. With the aim of raising awareness and nutrition education, health-related information must thus be specified on the leaflet, based on its advertising nature, such as “For your health, avoid snacking” or “For your health, practice physical activity”.

Moreover, besides these terms in each case, it is imperative that we find on all advertising flyers: “Do not throw on the public highway.” Finally, a precaution absolutely: contact the concerned town hall because the rights and obligations outside an in-store, vary each!